About Clutch Technologies

Software that fuels subscription!

We believe that there is a perfect vehicle for every journey. The Clutch Technologies software platform lets the automotive industry offer subscription services that engage consumers and build sustained relationships.

Our partners and customers are dealer groups, OEMs and more. To help us build a new platform for the automotive industry, we created our Atlanta Lab, comprising hundreds of drivers using our core vehicle subscription product. We “flipped” our pioneer members into vehicles in June 2014. We validated that subscription lets consumers do more in life. Now our software powers subscription services in many cities, with more added every month.

The Clutch team comprises experienced entrepreneurs, technologists and car enthusiasts. Clutch Technologies is headquartered out of Atlanta, Georgia.


The Team

Vince Zappa
Alan Powell
John Brown
John Phelps
Adam Carley
Sang Venkatraman
Frank Wilson
Ethan Adler
Grant Bailey
Mick Bailey
Gia Banks
Laura Boring
Robbie Brannen
Lexy Brooks
Nick Brown
Kelly Buday
Tony Catall
Kyle Clements
Hunter Crigler
Tom DellaCroce
Alisha Gaines
Michael Golden
David Hallum
Jamie Heller
Rob Heusel
Jeremy Hewitt
Christopher Howie
Margaret Jacobus
Chris Jones
Court Kasten
Megan Kautzman
Yaamer Khan
Joshua King
Christina Kirkman
Erich Lutz
Adam Martin
Jed Meshew
Brandon McCoy
Matt Moddelmog
Benjamin Morgan
Seth Mosgin
Anita Parbhoo
Matthew Phillips
Noah Phillips
Bret Quiring
Lisa Romero
Mark Rudell
Ann Rumney
Laurie Saraco
Taylor Sandusky
Ben Spratling
Grant Stevens
Ian Taylor
Ashish Trehan
Shannor Trotty
John Underwood
Andy Watson
Carolyn Whalen
Alex Whitacre