Transportation should be personalized

Clutch is a software platform that allows dealers and OEMs to sell vehicle subscriptions and other services that enable Personalized Transportation.

Transportation is changing, but people still love cars.

Future gains in connected, electric and autonomous technologies will reduce the friction of flipping between vehicles. Transportation will be ever more personalized.

The automotive industry must adapt to serving dynamic consumer needs: predict what’s needed, match consumers with the right vehicle, and execute flips between vehicles.

Unlock new possibilities for your consumers and start building the capabilities you will need for tomorrow with the Clutch technology platform.


One platform lets you configure various offerings for your customers.


  • Access to a vehicle for a recurring payment
  • Swap vehicles based on need
  • Eliminate the hassle of ownership
  • Many pricing plans supported


  • Modern digital experience and concierge delivery
  • Showcase latest models to likely buyers
  • Drive revenue from upgrades
  • Optimize utilization of vehicles

Test Drive

  • Extended test drive with multiple vehicles
  • Learns what consumer likes and helps narrow decision
  • Paid by consumer or subsidized
  • Bridge the gap to vehicle on-order

Ownership Evolved

  • Service to bundle with purchase or lease of vehicles
  • Reduce constraints of ownership
  • Add-on vehicles, service experience, digital concierge
  • Differentiate and drive incremental revenue
Each product can be configured to support your preferred business model. For example, you can set pricing, term, or contractual terms.

Asset Optimization

  • Optimize size and mix of fleet
  • Control when to buy, sell or trade
  • Manage subscription, loaner or pooled fleets

Data and Insights

  • Understand customer behavior
  • Get rich feedback on vehicles and fit with customer needs
  • Tune your products and services

Platform overview


The Clutch platform makes it possible for dealers and OEMS to offer subscription services efficiently and at scale. The core of the platform is the intelligence layer that understands consumer needs and matches them to vehicles.

What does that mean for typical businesses that run the Clutch Platform?

Low ratio of vehicles to subscribers

The ratio of vehicles to subscribers is low, approaching one to one!

Our software uses deep understanding of consumers to anticipate demand, communicate to arrange flips and match everyone to a vehicle that meets their needs. Many consumers flip into vehicles that were being driven by other subscribers when the reservation was made.

Customers feel like VIPs

Customers give feedback via the mobile app, text messages or face-to-face during deliveries. The Clutch platform captures everything in a form that the intelligence layer can understand. This data is combined with the customer’s historical behavior in terms of flips and driving patterns.

The software uses this information to tailor service for every customer. Everything from suggesting flips to friendly banter to use with customers. Customers feel like you know them and are willing to share more, forming a virtuous circle.

Control depreciation, invest in the experience

Set objectives for your business on customer satisfaction and cost of depreciation. The software determines the optimal vehicle portfolio based on your goals.

Rigorously execute of buying, selling and/or trading based on rules, market data and optimal portfolio. Vehicles are automatically placed into an offboarding queue. The system will work to get those vehicles back from subscribers and track the efficiency of your offboarding process.

The system can optimize any fleet, including dedicated subscription fleets and pooled fleets that serve subscription, loaner and/or test drives. The system can also be used to control depreciation on traditional loaner fleets.

Incredible service in-a-box

Our SideFlip mobile app walks through every step of a flip, including background on the customer, what to say and to ask, and data to capture. You can quickly be delivering great service with only modest training.

The same app manages fleet tasks, including post-flip inspections preparation for the next flip and maintenance activities. The system schedules, assigns and tracks tasks across all of your locations and vehicles. Tasks are prioritized to meet your objectives for customer service and cost of fleet.

Transform your business

Grow revenue today

  • Paper more units
  • Earn a premium for providing more value
  • Gain share through differentiation

Build enduring relationships

  • Learn customers’ needs and behaviors
  • Match customers with the perfect vehicle, every time
  • Win customers for life

Lay foundations for the future

  • Track shift to subscription and services
  • Acquire necessary capabilities
  • Introduce autonomous based on fit with consumer needs

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